5 Nerdy Things Surrounding Assassin’s Creed: Origins You Might Want To Know

A week has passed since E3 2017 and the unveiling of Ubisoft’s latest instalment in the Assassins Creed series Assassin’s Creed: Origins. From what we have seen, there is a new protagonist, Bayek, and of course a brand new time period, this being the highly anticipated setting of Ancient Egypt. The initial response from fans has been very mixed, some praising the game on its amazing graphics and long-awaited time-period-setting, whilst others are very hesitant to give the franchise another chance after it’s mojo was lost from the last few instalments. However the game turns out, here’s 5 interesting points you may want to know surrounding the story of the Assassins Creed: Origins timeline.


Source: Ubisoft

1) The Birth Of The Creed

“I believe that even we, the Assassins, have simply re-discovered an Order that predates the Old Man himself…” – Altair’s Codex.

The information we have on the latest instalment so far is that Bayek isn’t an Assassin per-se, but rather the last of the Medjay. Bayek may or may not form the Assassin Brotherhood himself. If he does, we need to see him form the ideas that go into the Creed we experience in AC1. Things like the ritual sacrifice of ring fingers, the 3 tenants Altair disregards at the very beginning of Assassins Creed, as well as the Creed’s famous catch phrase “Nothing is true, everything is permitted”.  There’s no mention of tampering of the Creed in the timeline between when Origins is set, and when AC1 is set, so it is likely that Bayek and his pals will be responsible for writing the original rule book for the Assassins.


Source: Ubisoft

2) Origins Of The Hidden Blade

While AC Origins might be telling the story of how the Brotherhood came to be, there’s one crucial point that needs to be said; Bayek is NOT the first person to wield a Hidden Blade. Origins cannot say that the Hidden Blade is something Bayek came up with, and brought into the Creed as their iconic weapon. In fact, in AC2, when you visit the Sanctuary beneath the Monteriggioni Villa, there is a statue of a man named Darius. Who is Darius you ask? Well, my friend, according to the lore, Darius killed King Xerxes in the year 465 B.C, which just so happened to be the ‘first recorded use of the hidden blade.’ AC Origins is set in the time Cleopatra came into power in Egypt, which was roughly in 51 B.C. That’s AFTER, way after Darius killed Xerxes. (Unfortunately, however, Darius is listed as an Assassin, which already puts a plot hole in the idea of AC Origins. Let’s hope there’s an explanation for that…)


(Took this picture myself, as you can tell by the terrible quality. The Caption on screen reads: “Atop this pedestal stands a statue of AMUNET, the female Egyptian assassin. She killed Cleopatra with A SNAKE. It looks like something is missing from the pedestal…”) Source: Ubisoft

3) Speaking of the Sanctuary…

In the aforementioned Sanctuary beneath the Monteriggioni Villa, there is another Statue of an “Assassin” named Amunet, who is claimed as the killer of Cleopatra in 30 B.C by use of a poisonous snake. Now, if Ubisoft has included Cleopatra, and they have stated that she dies at the hands of Amunet, an assassin, that means Cleopatra will be a villain, and Bayek can NOT be the one to kill her. It should also mean that Amunet is an ally of Bayek who we will potentially see in AC Origins. Let’s not forget that Ubisoft have stated that Bayek is not the only playable character, so it may even be plausible that Amunet is among the characters we actually get to play as!


Source: Ubisoft

4) Cleopatra’s involvement with Julius Caesar, and the Assassin who killed him

It is known in history that Cleopatra had an affair with Julius Caesar, and the two even had a son together. According to AC lore, Julius Caesar used Templar influence to come into power, and also aided Cleopatra in doing the same. In other words, Cleopatra and Julius Caesar were head-honcho bad guys. In 44 B.C, Julius was stabbed to death by Marcus Junuis Brutus, an Assassin. That’s roughly around the time when Origins is set, and is to big of a historical event for Ubisoft not to include, so is possibly something we may get to see, if not be a part of.


Source: Ubisoft

5) Is Bayek allowed to have skills introduced by Altair?

Referring back to the Codex, it is seen that Altair comes up with new assassination techniques. They are as follows: Assassination from a Hay Bale, a ledge and Air-Assassination, as seen in the picture above. Now if Altair came up with these techniques, centuries after Bayek’s time, how will Ubisoft explain Bayek having abilities that haven’t been thought up yet? It is already shown in the gameplay from E3 that Bayek kills a guard from a ledge, although interestingly pulls him off with his bare hand rather than using his hidden blade. As for the other two techniques, it is still unclear if Ubisoft have kept true to the story…

Whether or not Assassins Creed: Origins turns the franchise around, lets hope Ubisoft haven’t forgotten what they’ve established about this once amazing franchise. I have my own reservations about what we’ve seen thus far, but I’ll save that for the review.




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