Rollzie’s Top 10 Films

So, you know my Top 10 games. A bit commercial I guess, just like my taste in film.

Unlike certain people I’ve met trying to get into the industry, I’m not too concerned with whether a film is Indy or blockbuster, what director was involved or if it’s an adaptation of which it has scrapped its source material.

There’s only a few things that a film needs in order for it to be great, in my opinion.

  • A good story
  • At least 2 relatable characters
  • Well paced
  • Great Soundtrack

In no particular order (although numbered), here’s 10 films that may come to no ones surprise, but I feel are the cream of the crop:

10) Leon: The Professional


Source: Gaumont

Leon: The Professional follows Leon (shock!), a Hitman who ends up taking a very young Natalie Portman under his wing, albeit quite reluctantly at first. The two form a loveable relationship as he teaches her how to kill, taking her on his hits in a watch-and-learn style. Gary Oldman plays one of his best roles as corrupt DEA agent Stansfield, and it all meshes together to tell one hell of a great story, if you don’t mind the slightly taboo feelings Matilda (Portman) eventually forms for Leon.

9) Blood Diamond


Source: Warner Bros

This action-adventure is a great story about the diamond trade in Africa, following protagonist Danny Archer, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who just about manages to pull off a convincing South-African accent, as he hunts for a Diamond big enough to set him up for life. Solomon is his means to find it, and the resulting adventure to find it is possibly one of Hollywood’s best, with great character development and great action scenes, whilst also commenting on today’s ongoing problems in Africa, and the effect the demand for diamonds in first-world countries have on the troubled continent. The powerful images and story make for one of the best films I have seen to date!

8) Interstellar


Source: Paramount

Alright Alright Alright..Sorry, had to be done. While I won’t even pretend to understand half of the science behind Interstellar, the film does an acceptable job of explaining enough for you to comprehend what is going on. Or at least think you do. The film follows a group of they set out to explore selected worlds that could potentially be the new home for mankind, as things aren’t going well back on Earth. The films cinematic are amazing, and as always, the score from Hans Zimmer is one to be remembered. The film keeps you on your toes beginning to..well..about 2/3’s in. The ending is a bit of a head-scratcher, but nonetheless, its a mark on an otherwise very well-presented and polished film.

7) Shaun Of The Dead


Source: Universal

One of the best films to come from British Cinema, Shaun Of the Dead is genius in its concept and comedy. Following a gang of Shaun and friends, the film shows a hilarious side of a would-be doom and gloom zombie apocalypse, as Shaun tries to save his girlfriend and take shelter from the zombie hoard in his local pub. This film has hilarious and memorable scenes, and is one that should be on everyone’s list of films to watch if they haven’t seen it already!

6) Lucky Number Slevin


Source: Weinstein Company

Arguably one of the more forgotten about films, this film is one for the record in terms of plot-development, humour and character development. Slevin appears to be a guy completely down on his luck – nose broken, wallet stolen, and now mistaken for someone else by not one, but two criminal gangs; and that someone just so happens to owe a lot of money to these two gangs, headed by Ben Kingsley and Morgan Freeman. The story intrigues the first time viewer, with every scene seemingly reveal something new to add to either a character or the story, and it all comes to an epic and unforeseen conclusion, a plot twist that is arguably NOT predictable, a trait that is rarely seen in modern film.

5) Saving Private Ryan


Source: Dreamworks

This WW2 epic still holds up today as one of the greatest films ever made, and its not hard to see why. The graphic visuals of the realities of WW2 portrayed heavily in its iconic opening scene are enough to put this film in the top 10. The film is written beautifully, showing just how these soldiers survived in the hellish battlefield, and the brotherhood formed through living and dying together. If you ever wondered what WW2 was like, just give this film a watch, and it’ll give you a good idea. The film captured the realism so well in fact, that when shown to real WW2 veterans, they displayed all kinds of deep emotions as the film harkened to the memories of their experiences.

4) Goodfellas


Source: Warner Bros

Goodfellas is just one of those films that is a must-see, for any film-enthusiast. Protagonist Henry Hill’s life is unfolded in this shining gangster classic, showing his rise and fall within the mob. The characters and dialogue are nailed perfectly by the genre-defined actors Ray Liotta, Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci, and the supporting characters all weigh in heavily for one of the best gangster films Hollywood has seen.

3) Star Wars (Original Trilogy)


Source: 20th Century Fox

Okay, not one particular film per-se, but it’s hard to actually place any of the three in one list without adding the other two. Without a doubt, The Empire Strikes Back is the strongest, but without the other 2 to make sense of it, it’s not necessarily a good stand-alone film. Star Wars needs no introduction. Its imaginative, rich with lore and is the most iconic series of films ever made. People who have never seen Star Wars still know what a lightsaber is, or who Darth Vader is. The original trilogy is the best simply because studios didn’t give Lucas total control and the series laid the ground work for the globally huge fan base the series has today. Not only is the story great, but the costume design and iconic soundtrack are just the icing to an already delicious movie cake.

2) Gladiator


Source: Dreamworks

“Frost. Sometimes it makes the blade stick!”

Russel Crowe has never landed a better role than the quotable Maximus in Gladiator. Having been sentenced to death and meet his family ‘in the afterlife’, Maximus escapes capture and rides to hopelessly save his family. Upon discovering their charred and hanging bodies, Maximus drifts until he is captured by slavers. Sold to fight in the arena, Maximus uses his skills to give the crowd a good show, until an opportunity arises to take revenge on Commodus, the man responsible for all the wrong brought down upon him. Story, soundtrack and action are top-notch in this time-piece by Ridley Scott, an unmissable watch!

1) District 9


Source: TriStar Pictures

This film is truly an original. Main character Wikus finds himself being hunted by the company he works for as his DNA starts to metamorphose into that of a ‘Prawn’, an Alien species that has taken refuge on Earth since the 80’s. This sci-fi epic is clearly well thought-out, giving the audience a rich background of its story through documentary-style cinematics. Wicks is a very sympathetic character and the tragic story is truly awe-inspiring, one of the more memorable Sci-Fi films due mostly to its originality and pacing. The soundtrack adds to the South-African routes of the film and the setting of which it takes place.


What are your Top 10 films? Be sure to leave a comment below!



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