Rollzie’s Top 10 Games

Ok, so here it goes. My top 10 games. I’ve seen a few of these online. WatchMojo on Youtube is entirely based on Top 10’s – its their thing. However a lot of game-related Top 10’s seem to forever involve games that a lot of people haven’t played or even heard of.

I won’t deny that I’m a very commercial gamer – I’ve never been one for the Indie genre, however I can appreciate it, and completely see the appeal for people that do.

So here goes the list!

Red Dead

Source: Rockstar

10) Red Dead Redemption: This game kicked ass in terms of setting, story and gameplay. The game sees you take on the role of John Marston, a former outlaw who is forced to hunt down his former gang members by Agents of the government, after they kidnap his Wife and Son. This is a western, and it takes every element of westerns you could think of and implements them in such a way that you truly feel like you are living the time. Gun Duals, Steam Trains, Sheriffs, tobacco chewing and revolver-toting rednecks – what’s not to love?!


Source: Ubisoft

9) Splinter Cell (Series): Splinter Cell is one of those games where if you love the Stealth-genre, it’s a must. Playing as Sam Fisher, you are an agent of Third Echelon who aims to stop all form of terrorists that threaten national, or global, security. You’ll hide in the dark to infiltrate places all over the world to foil bad-guy plans of global chaos. The series saw an all-time high of chaos theory, still acclaimed to be the series’ best.


Source: Eidos Interactive

8) Hitman: Blood Money: Agent 47 is a badass, lets just get that out of the way. His cool voice, killer-instincts and insanely fast clothes-changing is just too cool to miss out on. Blood Money was great in terms of graphics (for the time!) and most diverse gameplay seen in the series, and who can forget the iconic missions like the one in the theatre, or the mardi gras one?! (Dress up as a bird and shoot people in the head – that’s what 47’s all about!)


Source: EA

7) Command & Conquer Tiberium Series: You mention Command & Conquer and everyone immediately thinks the words “Red Alert”. But the Tiberium series of C&C, albeit the lesser-known one, was truly a great series of RTS games. When you actually follow the series, you quickly learn that the story is quite compelling for an RTS (Actually has the foundations for a great movie adaptation!) It’s futuristic take of our planet being ravaged by a substance called Tiberium, and 2 iconic factions (GDI and NOD) fighting for their own idealistic views on the threat, or opportunities, of Tiberium. C&C3 saw a third alien faction, the scrin, enter the scene, and it looked as though the series had a bright future ahead. Unfortunately, C&C4 happened. Note to game developers: DO NOT remove one of the main gameplay elements your series is based on – the fans will HATE you!


Source: Naughty Dog

6) Crash Bandicoot (1,2 &3): Crash is just one of those games you will never forget because it was just part of your childhood. And if you had an N64 instead of a PS1, then I’m sorry that you didn’t have this in your childhood. This series was wacky – I mean control a bandicoot, wearing jeans, collecting wampa fruit and Crystals to save the day from the evil Dr Neo Cortex. Crash was as iconic as Mario, Zelda, Sonic and Spyro. If you know – you know! (And yes, I cannot wait for the remasters!) Ooga Booga!


Source: 4A Games

5) Metro 2033 & Last Light: This Russian game is scary as sh**!! Set in a post-apocalyptic world, you control Artyom as he weaves his way through the dark, mutant-infested metro system. Honestly, if you haven’t played these games, I urge you to try them. The sound design alone is incredible, really setting the scene, from all the pipe-creaking to the mutant-howling. That, and Russians are badass, so not only is it cool to see tough Russian soldiers take on the apocalypse, but its also a breath of fresh air to just not play this kind of game in America. I mean why does every post-apoc-survivor-game have to be set in America?!


Source: Naughty Dog

4) The Last Of Us: Speaking of post-apocalyptic games, the Last Of us (Set in America, ugh!) is probably one of the best games you can ever play! Seriously. Main Characters Joel and Ellie really go through the best character-development you can ever see in a video game. When their journey sets off, Ellie is a nuisance to Joel, a job that needs doing. By the end, the two are like father & daughter, and its beautiful to see how it all unfolds. The infected make for a nice change from the usual Zombie-esque vibe, the soundtrack pulls on your heart strings and the ever-switching stealth and shooting is some of the best the industry has to offer. This game makes the line between video-game and blockbuster seriously blurry!


Source: Naughty Dog

3) Uncharted 4: Don’t get me wrong, the Uncharted series is great. But I always felt like the combat mechanics needed something. I didn’t really know what that something was, I still don’t. But I can tell you that Uncharted 4 HAS that something! This game, made by the same guys as the Last of us, once again blurs the line between blockbuster and video game (seriously Naughty Dog – how you do it?!) The adventurous story line sees great action set pieces, great humour, an awesome story, awesome soundtrack and some of the finest acting you’ll see in any video-game to date!


Source: Square Enix

2) Deus Ex (Series): I actually played this game when I was younger, the very first Deus Ex, and I still remember admiring the fact that the developers took into consideration everything you could do, and recorded dialogue lines to adjust to your actions. Seriously. bravo to them! (How the hell did you know i was in the ladies bathroom?!) While I never played Invisible War (and by the sounds of things, I’m glad), I eagerly anticipated Human Revolution. If you like conspiracy theories, Illuminati-type stuff, and think it would be cool to see through walls, then this game is right up your street. You can be Stealthy or go in guns blazing, go lethal or non-lethal, go through the door or go through the ventilation, tell an NPC “yes, I will” or ask “Maybe. How much?” The dialogue options provided, the amazing eye-candy of the augmentation animations and the soundtrack (especially!) all make for one of the greatest RPG games ever made.


Source: Ubisoft

1) Assassin’s Creed 1-to-Black Flag: This is why I mentioned commercialism at the start, because I know a lot of people generally despise this series. And today so do I. But there is no denying that before the embarressment that was Unity, Assassins Creed was one of the greatest franchises out there. The series shines through its settings that most games don’t usually go, like Renaissance Italy or the American Revolution. And who can forget how the opening of AC2 made you feel? The story is immense, with conspiracies (yes I like conspiracy games, what can i say?!) and mythology to keep you intrigued, all the while producing one of the best video game characters ever made (Ezio Auditore. Or Edward Kenway. I haven’t decided yet…)


Well, there you have it. My Top 10 games. Metal Gear was going to be in here, but..well. Lets say it’s number 0.5.  Anyway, enough rambling from me, and hopefully this list gives you an insight into the kind of games I enjoy. I like Stealth, and I like story. I’m a simple guy!!


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