Better Call Saul: What Events Are We Still Waiting To Happen?

With Better Call Saul rumoured to be airing later this year, one can’t help but review the events that have happened thus far throughout Better Call Saul, and compare them to events we know happen throughout Breaking Bad. While Better Call Saul sheds more and more light on pre-Breaking Bad goings on and the life of Jimmy McGill aka Saul Goodman through 3 amazing seasons, and more to come, there are still a number of things we are still waiting to happen, that we know are going to happen.

Better Call Saul‘s blessing and curse is that it is a finite story; we know that it is coming to an end relatively soon and inevitably lead into the start of Breaking Bad. But there’s still a bit of ground left to cover however, and with that in mind, here are a few things still to come in Season 4, or later, in Better Call Saul… Read More


Were We Watching The Same Film? – Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

There isn’t much I can say that hasn’t already been said about The Last Jedi, so I will try to be brief. I hated this film. I really did hate this film. Not only for all of its flaws, but because I voiced my approval, as a fan, for The Force Awakens. Yes, it had a host of things that could have been better, or improved upon, but overall, it really had potential to be an amazing start of a great trilogy. So it was a real kick in the teeth, a real moment of embarrassment when I left the cinema after watching The Last Jedi, wondering why I even attempted to defend TFA.

Alas, Rian Johnson undid all of its greatness with 152 minutes of utter cringe, stupid characters, pointless subplots, failing comedy, overwhelming plot holes and anti-climactic revealings. And while it has all of these really gaping flaws, prior to release, almost every critic review you could read spouted nothing but greatness about the movie. I left the cinema and wondered: “Did I watch the same film they did?”

Star Wars isn’t about comedy. It isn’t about cutesy animals. And it certainly isn’t a statement against animal cruelty. Yet somehow Rian Johnson and Disney have made it as such. There is so much that is wrong with this film, that my previous attempt to write a post about The Last Jedi went on for so long that I felt that it was too much.

Let me just give the positives I had first… (Careful for Spoilers) Read More

Blade Runner 2049 – Review

For those of you that know me and my work, you’ll know I’m a massive lover of the sci-fi, dystopian, not-to-distant future-esque, trench coat wearing genre of Cyberpunk. Deus Ex will forever hold a warm place in my heart for that. But I won’t lie to appeal to a wider audience and say that I was a fan of the original Blade Runner, because I wasn’t. To me, it was a massive yawn.

Yes, I recognised its importance in the world of cinema, yes I could appreciate that it was something unique. But a story is still a story, a film is still a film; there has to be a set up and a pay off that makes sense to the audience. I didn’t really get why so many people held it in such high regard. To me, it was confusing, bloated, and the amount of cuts the film has really puts a spanner in the works of which version of Blade Runner is the true one. “Which one is the one I should be watching?” Quite frankly, I thought it was overrated.

Despite this, when the trailer dropped for Blade Runner 2049, I instantly thought this film looked amazing. The fact that any frame of it looked like you could make it a poster already made it appeal to me visually. Then my ears took notice of the score. Wow, I thought. This film looks incredible.

After watching the film, I can indeed confirm my initial response was justified. The opening of this film does exactly what an opening is supposed to do – it sets the tone, and gets your attention. Lingering, multiple establishing shots of some beautiful, cold scenery and the iconic flying car certainly made me sit up and pay attention. Read More

5 Nerdy Things Surrounding Assassin’s Creed: Origins You Might Want To Know

A week has passed since E3 2017 and the unveiling of Ubisoft’s latest instalment in the Assassins Creed series Assassin’s Creed: Origins. From what we have seen, there is a new protagonist, Bayek, and of course a brand new time period, this being the highly anticipated setting of Ancient Egypt. The initial response from fans has been very mixed, some praising the game on its amazing graphics and long-awaited time-period-setting, whilst others are very hesitant to give the franchise another chance after it’s mojo was lost from the last few instalments. However the game turns out, here’s 5 interesting points you may want to know surrounding the story of the Assassins Creed: Origins timeline. Read More

Review: Alien: Covenant – Why The Alien Franchise Has Lost It

Allow me to back-track to Prometheus firstly, and let me say that I think the vast majority of audiences were left very confused as to what the hell any of it was about. A few die-hard fans had their theories and justifications, but I feel if a film doesn’t give you the answers you need, it hasn’t fulfilled its job of paying off the set-up.

What the hell is that black liquid? Why do engineers want to destroy us when they created us? Why was it necessary to say Weyland is dead, then unveil he is alive, just to have him die anyway? Why did the black liquid turn Holloway into some zombie.. human… mutant..thing? How did David know how to speak an Alien language that has never been heard aloud? Why would you run in a straight line from a circular object rolling toward you?!

Ahh. So many questions, more so than to bother to ask. Prometheus certainly set a lot of questions up, only to not answer most of them. So when we saw Alien: Covenant was coming to theatres, people who share my opinion thought: “Hey, I would like Prometheus a lot more if they actually explained any of it. I’ll give it a watch, hopefully they will satisfy my curiosity.” Don’t get me wrong, Covenant has a few answers to Prometheus, but sets up entirely new questions in their place. Read More

Why King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword Has P****d Me Off (And Not For The Reasons You Might Think) – Review

Hello. So let allow me to vent off my initial reactions to the film, or rather the film’s critical reception. Before I start, allow me to simply say that this film is AMAZING. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. You can watch the trailer here.

Guy Ritchie has made an entirely new take on the King Arthur Legend, has sprinkled his unique style in the mixture and made what I’d like to call one of my favourite films of the year!!

The opening really sucks you into the lore of the film, with some of the greatest CGI and sound-design combo I’ve seen since Lord Of The Rings, and really gives you that “epic” feel. After the set-up you get a montage intro to Arthur’s character – and if there is one thing we should know Guy Ritchie for, it his his amazing montages. See, people like Jeremy from CinemaSins would have you believe that montages are ‘sloppy exposition’, and sometimes he’s right. But it simply wasn’t the case in King Arthur; and I really have to give the soundtrack credit for this as well. If there is one thing that really stood out in this film, its the soundtrack. Sometimes its all mystical and magical, then at other times its got this medieval beat that just kicks ass! Read More

The Importance of Soundtrack

Music within films, television shows and games is often overlooked when reviewing the finer details of a game, series or film. Soundtracks are an extra layer of crafting a masterpiece, something a book or art drawing are unable to provide.

Take a scene you might love; try to visualise that scene and ask yourself what is happening. What is the mood? Is it an action scene, perhaps a love scene, or maybe even a comedy scene. Now try to remember what the music was. You should feel that the music enhanced the emotion. Think about John William’s iconic Harry Potter score. It sounds mystical, magical; the same words you might use to describe the Harry Potter series itself. Would you get the same feeling if there was silence? Or maybe, instead of another fantastic John William’s score, you heard, say, a chart song? If when the Harry Potter title comes up on the screen, and you heard Justin Bieber over the top, your brain would have a very different emotional response. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking JB, his music has gotten better with age!) But that is just one of many amazing things people take for granted with a film score. A reinforcement of tone. Read More